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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ S3E7 “The Dead” Review

Recently revived witch, Madison Montgomery, kicked off last night’s episode with a generational speech that revealed much about the under/over-stimulated actress. Even back from the dead, she still searches and longs for an unattainable fix. This week that fix came in the form of the weirdest three-way possible. Well, I suppose weirder three-ways are possible given the wide parameters of this rapid-fire horror series. Settling in with Zoe and FrankenKyle seems all the human interaction the once-dead witch requires. When FrankenKyle isn’t having his former frat brother mind blown, he’s featured in flashbacks that showed his young aspirations before he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m not sure where his arc is headed, but I hate FrankenKyle. His obnoxious, though deserved grunts and bouts of violence do nothing but get on my nerves. Give Peters a role for God’s sake.

When Zoe wasn’t in the middle of some infernal hookup, she was busy with Cordelia, learning exactly how deep and wide Fiona’s desires reach. After a little magical surgery, Spalding has his tongue reattached and confirms what Cordelia’s revealing touch already showed; that Fiona was guilty of temporarily killing Madison. Seemingly out of character, Zoe sank a blade deep into the speechless servant. Will he stay dead? I’d say that’s about 50/50 on AHS. Will Zoe stick to her guns when Cordelia’s ready to end her own mother? Someone is going to fall apart in the upcoming episodes, who do you think it will be?

What about the newly introduced Axeman, Danny Houston? His conversation with the aging Supreme was odd to put it mildly. His admiration for Fiona was much more intense than anticipated. Will this killer end up as her only ally in what’s shaping up to be an everyone-versus-Fiona season finale? If anything was a surprise last night, it was Marie Laveau and Queenie’s burgeoning relationship…and her betrayal to LaLaurie. She delivered the unearthed LaLaurie into the mouth of the beast, dropping her unceremoniously into the clasp of Marie Laveau.

The chess pieces move forward with every passing episode. Any predictions on how this all culminates? Your guess is as good as mine.

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