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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ S3E5 “Burn, Witch, Burn” Review


Zoe hasn’t exactly sold me this season, but after last night, I think the balance has shifted. Burn, Witch, Burn is the series’ Army of Darkness moment. Channeling Ash, Zoe rushed to the rescue, chainsaw in hand, quick to aid her housemates while the zombies tore life and limb. When she runs out of gas, death seemed imminent until the powerful witch exhibited a new power in her fear and trauma. Is this the girl to watch for a new supreme? Just maybe. Her newly found power dropped Marie Laveau out of her zombie trance, even sparking some curiosity from the old Voodoo Queen.

Before the show addressed the zombies last night, fans were treated to a curious back story featuring Madame LaLaurie. After putting one of her daughters’ potential suitors through a very real chamber of horror on All Hallow’s Eve, LaLaurie unleashed sadistic hell on her own family. Now, in perfect horror form, the three girls are back as the trio of zombies ringing the doorbell. LaLaurie is a strange character, even drawing sympathy from me despite her evil ways. Bates is one of my top three actors of the third season and I’m excited to learn her fate.

Cordelia is hospitalized after the acid attack and Fiona is fiercely at her side. Cordelia’s murderous husband shows up and touches his wife, sparking a view into his adulterous ways. I guess we can stop trying for a baby. The episode was strange as it focused more on Fiona at the hospital. She used her power to access the meds room, providing a fresh refill of what I can only assume is Xanax or another benzo for her rapidly firing nerves. She brings a stillborn baby back to life and shows her empathetic side before she sets Myrtle Snow up for old-fashioned witch justice.

Continuing her ongoing feud with Snow, she turns the table on her accuser and not only remains the supreme, but utilizes Queenie to use her special powers to paint Snow into a corner. And by corner I mean burned at the stake. In the end of the episode Misty (Rabe) appears and brings the crispy witch back, setting up a major three-way brawl for the remaining episodes.

What about the silent Spaulding and his continued use of Madison’s corpse? The scenes with him dressed as a girl preparing for bed are disturbing on every level. The machine gun approach to season three is fantastic and I’m enjoying every self-aware, violent moment. Nothing is sacred on AHS and this is one of the biggest reasons it works. Tune in next week and see what happens next…which could literally be anything in the horror-verse!

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