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The “Official” Trailer for ‘Halloween III: Harvest of Souls’?


How would the world of Michael Myers be affected if the cheesy but endearing Halloween III: Season of the Witch was never created? Imagine that Michael Myers appeared in the third film, an original sequel to Halloween II. Excited? Well, don’t freak out because this “1985” retro trailer is a fake. Actor Lane Hughes (V/H/S, You’re Next) joined forces with Jay Burleson and the result is this very authentic trailer for the film that never was. Fun fact: this is better than every Halloween film besides 1 and 3. Enjoy the fake synopsis as well.

Halloween: Harvest of Souls Backstory
After the failure of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the rights to the Halloween franchise were lost in the shuffle of a merger, and a sequel to Halloween II was quickly rushed into production by a new team of producers. The new installment, Halloween: Harvest of Souls, was viewed as a direct sequel to the second film and would be a true Halloween III with Michael Myers.

The film was made on a shoestring budget, even less than Carpenter’s original, and did not feature a return by Jamie Lee Curtis. The character of Loomis returns, still played by Donald Pleasence, but in a limited capacity. To keep pace with the height of the ’80s slasher craze, Harvest of Souls featured extreme nudity and gore, and had yet to receive better than an X-rating before it was canned.

Original series producer Moustapha Akkad tied the rights up with a long legal battle, which he ultimately won, and Harvest of Souls was shelved altogether in favor of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, which was released in 1988, three years after Souls was filmed. Until recently, Harvest of Souls was nothing more than an urban legend, the original film print long lost, the knowledge of its very existence scarce. A lone VHS tape, found in an abandoned storage locker, containing the X-rated cut of the film and a very tame ‘PG’ trailer, recently surfaced and that brings us to the here and now. The release of the aforementioned trailer and proof that this urban legend is real.

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  1. Hi, i think halloween 3 harvest of souls needs to be made by John carpenter in 2017

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