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‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 4.03, ‘Infected’ Review: A Killer Revealed


Everyone that reads The Walking Dead knows the show doesn’t share the same linear path. Things are added, removed, rearranged; but every comic reader saw the beginnings of the Rick Versus Tyreese run tonight. Infuriated and hurt, Tyrese explodes over the deaths of Karen and David. Grimacing, Rick, Carol, and Daryl offer their comfort. Blind with rage, Tyrese gets physical with Rick and slugs him twice with those big hands. I thought Rick would take his painful lumps and that would be the end of it. Rick forms a scowl and gives it back to Tyrese tenfold. Clear heads are nowhere to be found.

The Council is faced with containment issues and must dedicate a cell block to isolation. Sasha and five or six other survivors take ill, setting the overwhelming sense of dread season four is sculpting. After last week’s photo opp with Glen and Maggie, I was left wondering if one of the lovers was going to take ill. I wasn’t happy when Glen’s cough started. Hyper-vigilant Tyreese was a big player tonight, second only to his rage and hurt. Even Carl was trying to be the voice of reason, accompanying Hershel into the woods to pick berries. Season four Emo Carl is angry, but responsible thus far. It makes me wonder how far removed he is from his Father’s shadow.

Carol’s breakdown was curious, watching her spill water like blood. She’s taking on a larger role and her emotional state reflects it. I was half expecting some disgusting thing to fall out of those water barrels. Her dedication to the water clog puts her in the middle of a small hoard. Rick must race to her rescue just outside the fence. He later reprimands her for the reckless behavior. Later on we learn just how judge, jury, and executioner she’s become.

Hershel’s in the same emotional boat, relegating himself to helping the sick. Maggie wants none of it and for good reason, but the pony-tailed old man is insistent on helping the prison’s sick. Hershel’s age alone make me nervous for Maggie and the girls. The old and infirm won’t fight a sickness like the one presenting itself.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob hit the road for meds and get attacked by a real horde. Tonight’s uncalled for but totally appreciated moment was Daryl peeling out on top of a pile of walkers. Who hasn’t thought about that at least once in their lives? Tyreese sat blank-eyed in the backseat while his friends fought for their lives. Katana swords flashed and head flew before Tyreese had moved. When he did, it was like channeling Oldboy. Hammer swinging, he has a real Rick moment.

Rick’s used his cop 101 skills when he found a bloody hand print on the door leading to Karen and David’s death. Relentlessly hounded by Tyreese, Rick asks Carol an important question. He asked if she was the one who burned Karen and David.

Her answer was “Yes.”


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