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13 Chilling Horror Films Available on Netflix Streaming – October 2013


When I hear people say “There’s nothing good on Netflix streaming.” I instantly judge them. There are tons of great films and series on Netflix. As Samhain draws closer, more and more people are searching the internet for horror movie suggestions. I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t point you in the right direction. These are Fister approved; viewed and reviewed for your discriminating tastes. This list is way too short, but the number 13 looks good in a Halloween list. So with that said, there will be another list in a few days.

The following films are on Netflix streaming as of 10.22.13, so enjoy the holiday with some Fister approved picks. Enjoy, kids.


Lovely Molly

Rosemary’s Baby

The ABCs of Death

Satan’s Little Helper

The Devil’s Bride

Penny Dreadful



Red, White & Blue



The Shrine

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3 Comments on 13 Chilling Horror Films Available on Netflix Streaming – October 2013

  1. Victor De Leon // October 23, 2013 at 1:12 pm // Reply

    Have to get around to Lovely Molly one of these days. Good list!

  2. Well, the only thing available on Netflix Canada out of that list is ABCs of Death. Maybe I’ll add that to my Halloween marathon 🙂 But there has been some interesting finds so far! Netflix definitely has some good stuff.

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