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‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 4.02, ‘Infected’ Review: Enemy Within?


SO many spoilers

The Walking Dead dangled a literal mouse to entice us/walkers tonight. A shadowed figure approached the prison gate and enticed the walkers outside with a live mouse. One bone-crunching sound effect later, it’s easy to see why the walkers are assembling en masse. Does the newly fortified group have an enemy on the inside or has Milton’s Governor mandated “experiments” continued even without the spineless four-eyes?

If that’s not bad enough, Patrick, the queasy nerd from the last episode, has firmly embraced his infection and “dies” in the shower. He promptly bites the throat out of a prison noob. The infection spreads quickly and leads to several deaths and mass chaos inside the once safe D block. The gore scale hit the red zone in record time when the group scrambles to contain the new and terrifying outbreak. Heads are stomped, chucks of flesh are bitten away, crossbow bolts obviously play a part in the deaths. If anything scares the shit out of me, it’s the pain of watching the prison gang miss the root of the new infection, while the viewer is privy to Chekhov’s gun. Or at least we seem to be. We all know Patrick didn’t have the “flu”. That ominous shot of the water from last week is making me nervous.

Carol steps back and lets Lizzie kill her own father before he changes. (see chunk missing from arm) and a whole new generation of mother and fatherless kids are becoming old before their time. The prison is so overwrought with walkers that even Michonne plays it close as she charges back in on horseback. The show is really impressing the dire presence of the walkers in just two episodes.

A segment of fence nearly collapses from the massing weight of the hoard. Rick, Maggie, and the crew take several of them down before the batch of dead rats are discovered. This rat thing has my brain racing. Why would anyone inside the prison do this?

If The Walking Dead featured a scene more traumatic than the pig scene, then I’d like to know what it was. Don’t say Rick’s wife, ’cause screw her. Carol was big tonight, helping the kids with grief, explaining things, and dealing with her kill training to the kids last week. We learned a huge glimpse into Michonne’s former life when she was expectantly handed Lil’ Asskicker. She reacted like someone that’s afraid of venomous snakes and not a pink-skinned baby. Once she settled in with the baby, tears flowed as she cradled the kid.

In the last scene of tonight’s episode, we see Karen burned to a crisp inside the prison grounds and Tyrese handles it as expected. Already bent on revenge, the beginning of his quarrel with Rick is foreshadowed. Fans of the comic know how violent that rifts becomes. I’m probably missing a ton of finer details tonight, but this is by no means comprehensive. My best work doesn’t happen right before bed on Sunday night. This season grabbed my attention fast; spending less time devoted to set up, instead rocketing into action. Great episode and this season is 2 for 2.

Tell me, kids, who is feeding the walkers? No one seems to have a motive, and that’s the freaky part. Lizzy might be a good guess since she named a walker and seems a little fascinated with them. That still sounds like a stretch considering her circumstance. Stay tuned.

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