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American Horror Story: Coven ‘Boy Parts’ S3E02 Review


Frankenstein monsters, resurrection, immortality, necromancy; these are my people. AHS cast the bones for a hugely successful second episode tonight. I adore the 99% all-female cast and the powers that live within LaLaurie, Fionna, and Laveau, who round-up the holy trilogy thus far. Then there’s the lovely and freshly reborn, Misty Day (Rabe), who carves her own path of life and death, invoking both as she sees fit.

We saw a bit of Queenie’s back story tonight and how much it sucks to piss her off around boiling oil. The episode began with Misty stumbling across a pair of alligator poachers. Throw in a little Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks, and long dead gators are alive and snapping once more. Thus far, Rabe is my favorite as the witch burned alive for her resurrection power. She aids the freshly killed Kyle (Peters) after Zoe and Madison conduct a ritual to bring Kyle back to life, and in the most Frankenstein way possible. Marked with gaping stitches and mismatched limbs, Misty knows some healing properties that reside within the fertile Cajun swamps.

Life, immortal life, and the secrets of the dead play a prominent role in the third season. Fionna is determined to ferret out LaLaurie’s secret of life after death and crosses paths with Laveau, the VooDoo queen responsible for making LaLaurie suffer without her family for 180 years. There’s some shared history between the magic and voodoo, these characters seem to spring forth from the same power, but clearly split down two different paths. The intensity between the immortal and the immortality seekers is going to ramp to a fever pitch before all is in its place.

Failed fertility treatments push one member of the school to magical help, a decision that will surely end well. The third season is well-balanced and feels entirely different from the first two. The magic is evil in imagery and history, adding a sinister and appealing occult edge to the season. The episode ended with the murdered slave released from his shackles and ready to show his Minotaur presence to the women.

Like the seasons before it, music plays a large part. Stevie Nicks was up twice tonight, with the second song coming from Fleetwood Mac’s Rihonna, a song with fitting lyrics.

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn’t you love to love her?
Takes through the sky like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover?

This makes two Nicks’ songs that mention birds tonight. Is Misty going to be the witch to watch? I hope so, and I hope Zoe is by her side.

“The White Witch”. Rhiannon

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