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“The Feed” (2010) Movie Review


Directed by Steve Gibson

Written by Matt Edens and Steve Gibson

Starring: Seth Drick, Chip Facka, and Brianna Healey

The wildly popular TV reality series, Ghost Chasers, is hitting its 4th year on the air; to commemorate this milestone, the members of the Ghost Chasers team have decided to broadcast their anniversary show out to the world live.

As my Aunt Pam would say: “Horseshit.” There’s 90 minutes of my valuable movie-watching time shot to hell. Presented as a faux paranormal research series, the Ghost Hunters crew setup camp inside an old turn of the century theater in Pennsylvania in hopes of capturing the spirits on camera. Obviously, they get more than they bargain for in this low-budget horror flick. I’m not sure where the $15,000 went, but it certainly didn’t go for acting lessons or script-writing tutors.

Just like shows like Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters, the lead investigator gives us the scoop on the place’s reported haunted background. The crew takes us through the gear, the location of static cameras enabled with the familiar green, night vision hue. They show us their EMF Detectors and present themselves as accurately as any of the dozen paranormal shows airing in 2013. The plus-side is the lack of Zak Bagans, The downside is, hey, no Zak Bagans to taunt the spirits or act like a tool for cameras. I can’t tell if the filmmakers are making fun of these shows, or they have a healthy affinity for them.

I liked some of the low-budgets tenets like the fake commercials for everything from depression meds to ambulance-chasing attorneys. Despite a fun way of splicing it all together and some low-level creep factors; the rest of the movie sucks in every possible way. It’sfilmed in English, so I could understand the actors. Not much of a compliment is it? If you have nothing better to do, find something, because I’m not going to recommend this to anyone. Ever. I like you all too much.

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