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“The ABCs of Death 2″ Official Contest Submission, Pedro Santasmarinas’ “M is for Mail”


Timpson Films, Drafthouse Films and Magnolia Pictures, searched the globe over for 26 directors to feature in the “The ABCs of Death 2”, after their success with the first film. This week I’m happy to present director, Pedro Santasmarinas, and his submission, “M is for Mail”. You can watch the short here.

A cursed chain e-mail comes to life in Pedro Santasmarinas’ “M is for Mail” – a digital era urban legend story. This new short was made exclusively for “The ABCs of Death 2” competition.


With Daniela Love and Ivo Luz written and directed by Pedro Santasmarinas produced by Inês de Castro and José Pedro Lopes assistant director by Ana Almeida cinematography by Inês de Castro art direction and special make-up by Andreia Leandro sound and soundtrack Daniel Mota

If your brain works like mine, you knew the rhythmic sound before the camera caught up to it. I wonder how many brows furrowed when all was confirmed? The basis for the short is simple, a lone man masturbates to completion while watching porn. After a rather messy clean up session he immediately begins eating a sandwich. I realized I wanted him to die.

A few bites into the sandwich, he receives an email stating he just watched a video of a girl being raped and killed. He’s ordered to send the message to his friends or die. His chuckle doesn’t last long and he begins to see glimpses of a pale, dark haired girl, complete with that weird ghost shambling they often times do. The spirit draws blood, again, and another. I cringed when her strategic biting locations traveled further…south.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. It made me wonder why I was so glad to see some slob get killed from beyond the grave just for being gross. M is for Mail feels a bit like The Ring or Ju-on with the revenge spirit, ghastly face, and strange staggered shambling. The short film is scored effectively and has smooth cinematography from Inês de Castro. Despite the slovenly grossness, everything about this entry shines.


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7 Comments on “The ABCs of Death 2″ Official Contest Submission, Pedro Santasmarinas’ “M is for Mail”

  1. Sweet! I really enjoyed the first one.

  2. Thank you so much for the review! 🙂

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