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“The ABCs of Death 2” Official Contest Submission, Jose Pedro Lopes’ “M is for Macho”


How awesome is this? After the crazy success of The ABCs of Death, Timpson Films, Drafthouse Films and Magnolia Pictures, searched the globe over for 26 directors to feature in the next film. They found 25 directors, leaving one coveted letter up for grabs. A contest was quickly announced, touting a gig as the anthology’s 26th Director to one blessed winner. I love the idea. Passion and skill are rarities in the genre, so, involve yourself in the art.

I had the pleasure of watching writer/director, Jose Pedro Lopes’ segment, “M is for Macho”. In this short, a man and woman pursue their love of basketball or maybe just machismo, in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. It’s a simple concept: when you’re up, a quick dash through a court full of zombies stands between you and the goal. Success breeds a braggadocio attitude, a potentially lethal trait when surrounded by walkers.

I love shorts. The ability to tell a story or just establish a theme is fascinating. Lopes knows how to make a short. Beautifully filmed; layered with crisp audio and a tense musical score, M is for Macho is a quick dose of concentrated horror meets persistence. Visit the site here, and cast your vote! Six finalists will be chosen from public vote, and the remaining six by a panel genre aficionados.

You can view the short here. Enjoy.


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