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“Halloween” Celebrates its 35th Anniversary with a New Blu Ray & Theatrical Release!


My favorite horror movie of all time is back with a brand new 35th Anniversary Blu Ray today AND an official announcement about the newly restored theatrical release. Fans can see the classic in theaters with a full HD transfer and 5.1 audio. If you live in Lexington, you can see this at:

LEXINGTON 8, 133 N. LOCUST HILL DR., LEXINGTON, Kentucky, 40509 Buy Tickets — Oct 29th 30th and 31st —

Depending where you live, you can also see Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. Not the best of the franchise, but better than the films that followed. The films maintain a small amount of the Halloween charm and satisfies a little of my nostalgic nature.

In John Carpenter’s Halloween, “the villain, Michael Myers, has spent the last 15 years locked away inside Smith’s Grove sanitarium under the care of child psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis (played by Donald Pleasance). On October 30, 1978, Myers escapes and makes his way back home to Haddonfield, turning a night of tricks and treats into something much more sinister for three young women, including Laurie Strode, the star-making role for Jamie Lee Curtis. Dr. Loomis is their only hope, but will he find his shadow-dwelling patient in time?

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and continued in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, “Michael has been in a coma since his pursuit of Laurie Strode, 10 years earlier. On October 30, 1988, Michael Myers awakens when he is transferred from Richmond Mental Institute back to Smith’s Grove, and when he hears that he has a niece in Haddonfield, the killing begins again. On Halloween night, Jamie goes out trick-or-treating, little knowing that her murdering Uncle is following her and her step-sister Rachel. Dr. Loomis rushes to her aid with the help of Sheriff Meeker. Can anything be done to stop Michael this time?

Visit the Halloween on Screen website and Halloween Movies online for more info on times and showings.


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4 Comments on “Halloween” Celebrates its 35th Anniversary with a New Blu Ray & Theatrical Release!

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    I. Am. Ready. Fo. SHO. 😀 !!! !!! !!!

  2. Same here! The extras on the Blu Ray are awesome. I saw this in the theaters a year or two ago, ready for all three in HD!

  3. We just interviewed PJ Soles

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