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“Sleepy Hollow” S1E2 Episode Review “Blood Moon”


Dear, Sleepy Hollow, it’s not me – it’s you. I’m giving you one more week to treat me better or I’m ass out. Fox seems to be the only ones left unaware of this show’s ridiculousness. Tonight’s episode played out like B-Roll footage of a Mystery Science Theater episode. Filled to the top with prophetic dreams, thralls to evil, muted accents, and new baddies, Blood Moon was too silly to even score camp value; it’s just bad.

Ichabod (Mison) and his supernaturally inclined partner, Lt. Abbie Mills (Beharie) are on the hunt for a vengeful witch, scrambling across the darker reaches of Sleepy Hollow. Along the way, they meet the standard-issue characters like the cop with a grudge, and a host of victims. You can expect lots of running in tunnels with flashlights, smoking skeletons, and easy to predict plot points. Across town, the creepy Andy Dunn (Cho) has a plan of his own as he continues to be evil’s plaything.

I guess if there’s anything good to say about this new series, it’s that the aerial shots of the town look really nice. As mentioned last week, the atmospheric gloom of the show would be awesome if it served as anything other than a cheap garnish. Between the unbelievably cast Crane, the wide-eyed Mills, and the clichés unfolding like rolls of carpet, there is precious little to care about here. I was hopeful, but realistic tonight, and this gets one more week of my time before I officially chop off my head.


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