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Fister’s Breakfast Buffet: The First Day of Fall 9.22.13


I was going to boldly proclaim that I hate summer, but that’s a lie. Maybe it’s more accurate to state that by the time summer ends, I’m sure as hell ready to see it depart. I’m a Fall guy; I love everything about it. I love waking up to that low-hanging sun, the giant amber ball seems close enough to touch as it lingers above the horizon. I live in Kentucky, and with Fall vanishes the summer humidity. This simple change makes reading and sipping a beer on the patio that much more enjoyable. It comes as no shock to me that my brain and common perceptions have changed as I’ve aged. If I’m fortunate enough to live well into old age, it will come as no surprise to think back on these glorious days when a sweet-smelling girl, her arm in mine, walked with me under crimson trees, our attention elsewhere as we crunched newly fallen acorns and leaves beneath our feet. If nothing else, having full use of my faculties and being wed to someone I earnestly love in this richly created season; well, that might just be enough.

The name of the website is Left Hand Horror, that alone should be enough to imply I have a love for horror and all things Halloween. The countdown from today to October 31 is my absolute favorite thing in the calendar year. Anticipation of Halloween might be more fun than the short twenty-four hours we’re allowed with Samhain. When I was a kid, my spirit was drawn to the holiday. Seeing all the colorful masks, costumes, and decorations take over the shelves at my local five and dime was a joy; it’s a joy I experience this late into my life. I’m a huge fan of quality television and Fall rolls out the red carpet. While I’ll miss Breaking Bad and Dexter, well, I’ll miss the good seasons of Dexter; I’m happy to see the new fall lineup take over my DVR, where new and returning shows always have a home.

There is no better time for craft beer snobs than Fall. The shelves are still overflowing with potent DIPAs and overwhelming stouts, but recedes enough to allow Southern Tier’s infamous Pumking a little extra space. I love the shift in drinking options the Fall brings. Love it. Well, kids, I can tell I’m about to gush all my love for Halloween, and we still have forty days to go. I’ll close for now and add some of my favorite fall-themed music. Enjoy, and check back often over the rest of this glorious season.

Man, I miss the absolute hell out of you, Peter Steele.

Through fire embers glow
Haunted I lift the stone
Letting go your spirit flies

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