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Next time on “Sleepy Hollow” S1E2 ” Blood Moon” Promo


I’m still undecided about last night’s premiere of Sleepy Hollow; you can read my ten-cent review here. This show has potential, but could jump the horror shark in a moment’s notice if you ask me. I loved the darkness embodied in The Headless Horseman, I’m just not sure about the acting, characters, or potential to stay on track. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m jaded on horror for sure, but that comes from the constant exposure to the genre. Weirder things have happened, so I’m staying optimistic for the time being.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the Horseman having an automatic gun. That’s like seeing a tornado armed with a rocket launcher. Yeah, yeah, it’s 2013 and all – I get that.

Next week: “Blood moon,” airing September 23, “A scary vision from Ichabod’s former wife, Katrina, sends him and Abbie on a hunt for an 18th-century witch who’s out for revenge in Sleepy Hollow. Meanwhile, Andy returns to the force and undertakes a questionable mission.

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