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“Sleepy Hollow” S1.01 Pilot Review



Fans of the supernatural and dark fantasy have it made at the moment. True Blood, American Horror Story, Supernatural, Grimm; these are just a drop in the dark fantasy/horror bucket. Surprisingly supernatural and dark, Sleepy Hollow left me with mixed feelings. FOX  debuted their version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter meets Buffy meet Supernatural tonight. The show is based on Washington Irving’s short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, it just takes place in 2013.

We first meet the not so meek Ichabod Crane on the battlefield during the Revolutionary War in 1781. A series of dark events render him unconscious until he wakes in 2013. The cliches abound. The first cop he encounters has personal experiences with the supernatural, setting up a growing partnership. Bad guys lurk in every corner, infiltrating powerful agencies and, of course, sit headless upon a pale horse. I love the Four Horsemen tie-in, it makes for a cool and supremely evil vibe.

The acting was suspect at times, but has a rather talented cast. I was surprised the show resembles Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow film, but it really does add a dark feel. I guess I have mixed feelings about it. I can see the good and the bad, but which will come out on top? In the series’ favor, the foggy, atmospheric look was near perfect. The small town is viewed primarily from helicopter shots, adding a legit feel to things,

I guess all we can do is wait for next week and see where it goes. I’m hopeful but realistic,

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1 Comment on “Sleepy Hollow” S1.01 Pilot Review

  1. Victor De Leon // September 16, 2013 at 11:13 pm // Reply

    I have it lined up to watch tomorrow. I’m hopeful as well but you can only go so far with mood and fog. Thanks for the early preview! Definitely catching this one.

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