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“The Reaper’s Image” (2013) Short Film Review


Directed by Sammy Bates

Written by Sammy Bates, Stephen King

Starring: Kenny Bates, Sammy Bates, Melanie Boyd, Sonny Burnette, Matt Mooningham, and Dave Haney

Based on the short story ‘The Reaper’s Image’ from bestselling author Stephen King comes a bone chilling tale about a museum curator, Johnson Spangler, who seeks a prized antique mirror that is rumored to be cursed.

No budget horror filmed in my backyard – I’m sold. Originally written by King and part of the anthology, Skeleton Crew, this tale of a cursed mirror feels oddly at home in Lexington, KY. Adapted and filmed by Sammy Bates’ Rotting Corpse Productions, this no budget horror short is brimming with charm.

Guys like James Balsamo and Sammy Bates are creating a buzz for the medium with their single-minded passion and creativity. Strapped for resources, films like this often rely on friends and relatives and take advantage of great locations like our very own, Waveland State Historic Site, a sprawling estate from the slave era days. Much like the films’ producers, the actors are equally  passionate, drawing the viewer in with performances ranging from campy to articulate. The high points from The Reaper’s Image come from veteran actor, Sonny Burnette, who portrays  the unscrupulous antique dealer, and Matt Mooningham as the obsessed collector.

As much as I love horror, I get increasingly sick of being disappointed by these multimillion dollar horror flops. If you want to watch a 30 minute flick that’s sure to entertain, please check out The Reaper’s Image. It’s awesome to see something beside horse racing and UK sports giving Lexington a good name. Local approved!

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