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‘Among’ Friends’ (2012) Movie Review: Danielle Harris’ Directorial Debut is a Bloody Success


Directed by Danielle Harris

Written by Alyssa Lobit

Starring: Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Christopher Backus, and Brianne Davis

A group of friends get together for a murder mystery party, but things take a dark turn when one hijacks the evening and is out for blood.


Danielle Harris has been on my horror radar since Halloween IV hit theaters in October of 1988. The adorable Harris was a champ as Jamie Lloyd, Myers’ niece and Strode’s daughter. Spoiler alert: Young Harris dons the iconic clown costume despite Loomis’ tormented cries. That was a long time ago and now Harris is all grown up and never became a stranger to horror. She kept a considerable horror diet, starring in Adam Green’s Hatchet films and eventually making her directorial debut with Among Friends. Horror lineage notwithstanding, is her new 80s-themed film any good? It’s totally tubular.


A group of friends gather for a birthday party with a twist: the party takes the form of an 80’s themed murder mystery. Among Friends sounded good enough to rent, and director, Harris, does a fantastic job of keeping the viewer tense. Of course with this being a horror film, an unknown element is going to derail the fun of the birthday and people might start dying. It becomes clear that one of the birthday invitees wants to play a bloody version of Truth or Dare mixed with Would You Rather.

One attendee seems to know a little something extra about every person now tied and partially paralyzed around the table. As the demented host travels around the table, she makes it clear that there are consequences to their actions, even if the others had no idea such things occurred underneath their very noses. Thanks to a series of hidden cameras and a disturbed ration d’etre, people start losing fingers, scalps, and inevitably their patience to endure these newly revealed life details.Harris and Lobit were never content just simmering Among Friends and they quickly allow this 80’s fun fest to boil over, scalding everyone it touches.

It runs like an over-the-top 80s film with modern-day sensibilities. The cast is perfect, making the audience squirm like we’re sitting at the table as well. The addition of Kane Hodder (Jason Vorhees) as the bumbling limo driver was a nice touch. I enjoyed this film from Ms. Harris and think it deserves a shot. Remember that this film comes from an actress that made lifelong horror pursuits her prime mover. It’s 100% legit in my opinion. Props to Harris for busting out the Halloween IV clown costume for the attendee that munched a bag of mushrooms before the party. I swear at one point she says “Rachel?”
You’ll have to endure some hallucinogenic segments to be sure.

Among Friends is an intense homage to 80’s era films like Bloody Birthday and April Fools Day, and in the end, Harris proves she can do more than scream. Great directorial debut.

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