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Dexter S8E9 “Make Your Own Music” Promo & Extras


Okay, I’ve slammed on Dexter repeatedly this season, and while the last episode might have featured a lot of the gallows humor I enjoy; the interaction between Dex and Hannah is so effing flat. I love Hannah and think she’s the best character since Trinity, but come on writers – give these talented people something to get excited over. A partial nude scene between these two even felt forced. Plus, Hannah really didn’t show much, so fix that. Cool? Cool.

The identity of The Brain Surgeon is casing me a lot of internal debate. I just don’t buy that it’s Vogel – that seems too easy. Is it Deb’s new boss? Seems like a huge stretch since Deb sought him out. Is it the boyfriend of Dexter’s recently murdered neighbor? Meh. How about Vince’s newly introduced daughter? I find it hard to believe she works at a titty bar during the day and executes elaborate kills in her down time. I don’t see it. I assume this will be either a brand new character or someone from Dexter’s past that really has an expertly planned revenge. I’ll forgive the last few seasons if the killer is DOAKES, MOTHER FUCKER!

Wishful thinking. Anyway, here’s the clips. Enjoy.

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