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‘Somebody to Love’ Short Horror FIlm Review: 11 Minutes of Articulated Discomfort


Directed by Phil Haine

Written by Mark A.C. Brown

Produced by Mark A.C. Brown, Phil Haine, & Frederick Fournier

Starring: Alex Hughes & Natasha Staples

Sccored by Frederick Fournier with original music by Mark A.C. Brown

Somebody to Love is eleven minutes of uncomfortable voyeurism to a certain degree. We meet Sebastian and Casandra, two people who might have been better off if their paths had never crossed. The film is an intense view of relationships and all the nuances, no matter how dark, that accompanies them. Filled with moments of presumed happiness, this horror short primarily focuses on the bitter moments, the disappointment, the anger, the resentment, and ultimately – the breaking point that leads to death. The film makers ultimately leave it up to the viewer to piece together – and I love a short that makes me think.

Brown’s script explores a brief period between two lovers and their day-to-day life. Like all couples, there’s moments of joy, aggravation, frustration, sex, and the indifference that the mundane brings. Something as simple as over-salting a meal makes the rigid muscles of a jaw flex. Perception proves to be subjective and darkly passionate, escalating to dizzying levels before the final act of lashing out occurs. The film’s ambiguous title carries more weight in the end, and might leave you, as it did me, pondering how easy it could be for anyone’s relationship to take this deadly turn.

It’s up for you to decide, but is this about an insatiable need to love, to own; to control? Watch this intimate and intense look at interpersonal relationships and draw your own conclusion.

We’ll have an interview with writer/producer, Mark A.C. Brown in the near future, and I’m excited to hear his demented two cents.

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