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Eff You, CBS & Time Warner – Here’s Some Sneak Peaks for Dexter 8.07 “Dress Code”


Despite missing Sunday’s Dexter over Time Warner’s and CBS’ standard douchebag jockeying, here’s the official promo and some other odds and ends. I pay for Showtime and never watch CBS under any circumstance, so it would be great to have this channel back before Sunday. You can’t go one season without cable. the studios, or the dish providers bickering over all the $$$ our favorite shows bring in. I pay for this, so get your collective shits together and let me enjoy this last season in glorious HD and not from shady torrent sites. Sooner or later both cable and satellites will be as antiquated as compact discs, and fans will be enjoying content-specific programming…someone go create that service, please. Like today.

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