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Beastwars Release New Geek-Friendly Video for ‘Dune’


…a flying motorbike, viking longship, army tanks and a traveler lost deep in time and space. They all make an appearance in this brand new video from New Zealand’s Beastwars.

Director Simon Ward of SKYRANCH says “We approached the video as an animated comic, reminiscent of Heavy Metal magazine or something straight out of a Ralph Bakshi film. We were going for something quite otherworldly and weird with a buzzy time travel story.”

“Dune” is the opening track from the critically acclaimed album Blood Becomes Fire which was released in April.

Beastwars have just announced more Australian shows this September and an appearance at the Big Day Out festival in Auckland alongside Pearl Jam and Ghost B.C.

Tour dates:
Thursday, September 26: The Espy
Friday, September 27: The Tote
Saturday, September 28: The Bendigo Hotel
Sunday, September 29: The Barwon Club – Geelong
AUCKLAND – Big Day Out – Friday, January 17: Western Springs Stadium

Reviews for Blood Becomes Fire:
“Blood Becomes Fire is imaginative, dynamic, and hits like a staggering punch to the solar plexus. 9/10.” PopMatters

“definitely worthy of all that hype. Crunchy riffs, growling vocal lines and huge songs that kick you right in the guts – Beastwars are something very exciting indeed.” CVLTNation

“Vital, chest-pounding, driven, addictive and powerful, Blood Becomes Fire is a genuinely excellent record. 4.5/5” Onemetal

“memorable, hooky songs and excellent riffs, they have proven they are worthy of the buzz”.

“this is superbly conceived sludge metal through and through…propels the band into the top league of underground metal.”

“If you miss the earlier heavier days of Mastodon and Baroness then let me introduce you to your favorite new band. It is a contender for one of the best albums of 2013.” Sludgelord

“Blood Becomes Fire is one of 2013′s best albums to date. I have no doubt that I’ll still be saying that come December.” No Clean Singing

“Blood Becomes Fire goes beyond being one of the best metal albums I’ve heard of late – it’s some of the most refreshing and honest music I’ve heard in some time.” The Bone Reader

“Blood Becomes Fire is an awesome slab of sludge that ultimately transcends genre boundaries and places Beastwars firmly on top of the heavy metal heap…it’s one of the all-round best metal albums I’ve heard so far in 2013.” That’s How Kids Die

“Blood Becomes Fire is nasty, nasty, nasty. It’s nasty when it’s quiet and it’s nasty when it’s loud… you’re like, “Damn that’s nasty”. (They have) upped their game even from 2011′s self-titled debut and for anyone who heard that record, you know that’s saying something.” The Obelisk

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