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New ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Details Emerge


American Horror Story producer, Tim Minear, was responsible for several horror boners when he unveiled new details about the third season of AHS: Coven today. Speaking at the Television Critics Association panel, Minear announced surprises along with details fans were speculating on from the onset of last season’s witchy soundtrack. First off, Kathy Bates will be portraying Marie Delphine LaLaurie, a NOLA socialite with deep secrets. A house fire exposed her to have tortured slaves inside her opulent home.

Angela Bassett is locked into the role of Marie Laveau, a creole voodoo priestess who died sometime around 1880. Tipping her character in the direction of an antagonist, Laveau was rumored to continue her sacred religion even past the barrier of death. Yes, please. Let’s get this show on the road. AHS royalty, Jessica Lange, has been cast as a woman named Fiona, but not much is known about her character. Devil in a red dress, Sarah Paulson, will play Lange’s daughter, Cordelia. Understandably, the synopsis is far from being announced, but they revealed the plot will deal with oppression, big shock, I know. A powerful theme of feminism and “minority groups going after each other.” will also factor into the third season. If anything surprised me, it was the news that Coven is set in current times, a shock considering the rich history this season treads upon. Anyone willing to bet this season will have a little summoning, conjuration, and invocations involved? Come on October!

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