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[EMF] Effing Metal Friday: The Occult & Metal 8.2.13


Metal and the occult go together like Nickelback and date rapes; they just mesh. While it might be cliché and played out in metal, the influence and continued presence is obvious. I loved going to my cousin Jeff’s house when I was a little kid. He had tons of albums that I would sift through, marveling at the dark imagery and sometimes darker music. Of all the cool covers, the one that stands out the most is Black Sabbath’s “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. Check this out. How could a 12-year-old horror dork not love this?


Now that’s an album cover. Sure, death metal bands have a knack for presenting the most gruesome, disgusting album art imaginable, but for all the gross out factor, they hardly disturb me the way this gem does. No offense, Cannibal Corpse.

A lot of these future metal stars grew up watching the same horror movies as me, reading the same books, and maybe enjoying the Halloween season more than most. Those guys are my age now and they’re responsible for some freaking amazing album covers and songs. Let’s not take up more time with stating the obvious – let’s get to the music. Enjoy, kids. Make mine metal.

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