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Dexter S8E5 ‘This Little Piggy’ Review: Stop Giving Quinn a Subplot



Maybe I’m a stickler for informed closure, but is everyone convinced Yates was The Brain Surgeon? I thought they just proved he was a shoe person with mother issues. Don’t hold me to it, but TBS surely has to still be out there. I just can’t see Yates wrapping those fancy brain gifts. They didn’t mention the brains once during the exchange at his home. Maybe it was enough to buy, I don’t know, I think Doakes is still alive in some impossible setting.

Tonight was all about family. The episode began with Vogel and the Morgans working out some minor issues, like how Deb tried to drown them both before eventually saving him from her actions. Dexter’s anger at his sister is a little over the top. His whole speech about how she almost left Harrison an orphan felt forced to me. I get the rage, but he surely understands Deb’s Dexter-inspired trauma. Remember when she killed Maria and all that? So should Dexter. Vogel takes it all in before dropping her overly sterile and calm advice. I want to believe she’s a good guy, but I’m finding myself examining every word.


Does this look like the faces of the articulated Brain Surgeon. No. No, it does not. His name is AJ for God’s sake!

The big trauma tonight was Yates doctor-nabbing Vogel inside her own home. He takes her back to Yates estates and grills her about why she has a guy breaking into his home. Visibly scared, she goes into abusive mom mode (Red Dragon, anyone?) and bullies a submissive response from Yates. Of course, Deb and Dex get there just in time to save their therapist/honorary Morgan from certain death, giving Dexter the chance to deal a little death of his own. In the last moments of the show, the Morgans are with Vogel, having a little body disposal family time. Dexter tells the women that finds the water peaceful. The way Deb was looking at him makes me question Dexter’s future. I can see everything going south, his secrets close to being divulged, but Deb disposes of him the same way he’s disposed of his victims on so many starless nights.

Or Deb is going to die because she’s kind of a tragic character already? (yes)

Who knows. Maybe her sickeningly sweet boss, who certainly seems to be drawing more and more attention to himself, launches into full-on creeper mode? It’s not like Deb isn’t used to terrible scenarios involving men. If there’s one thing I could give less than a shit about, it’s Quinn’s promotion. You can see the will-a-good-guy-eventually-make-the-right-choice-at-his-own-expense moment on the horizon. I could see Quinn dying before it’s all said and done. As long as Vince lives, any C list characters can swim with the Miami fishes. And what’s up with his daughter? Is the cash grab too obvious? I’ll guess we’ll see when Deb’s background check comes back. We’re almost halfway through and I still don’t have a good theory – how about you?

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