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Dexter S8E04 ‘Scar Tissue’ Review: Discord for Dex & Deb


Another strong episode for Dexter tonight. I’ll try to stay as spoiler-free as possible. We saw some major meltdowns tonight, proving to raise the stakes considerably. Caught in the webbing of the Morgan-Vogel-Morgan symbiotic relationship is dependence and discord. Dr. Vogel works with Debra and her suppression of feelings. A little time in a familiar shipping container proves profitable.Deb finally gets into the fourth episode before we see a cleaner, sober version.

Dr. Vogel and Dexter’s time together is spent continuing the search for The Brain Surgeon. Will a new suspect put Dexter in a compromising place? The stakes raise continually as the real killer remains active. Where will Dexter’s unexpected discovery lead him? The discord was abundant tonight which leaves some bad blood between doctor and patient. Or “lab rat” as Dexter calls himself.

In perhaps the funniest scene in some time (SPOILERS), it looks like Vince has a daughter. He apparently donated his seed in his younger years and his attractive daughter shares a familiar family laugh. Of course, in true Vince form, he hits on her before the news hits. Quinn and his promotion arc are still getting screen time, something I could care less about. I don’t mind the time spent with his relationship, but let’s limit his episode time. It feels forced. Angel has been reduced to a cliché as he looks out for his sister by piling expectation on Quinn.

The big news this week comes in the form of Deb. She, like Dexter, are made privy to the Vogel/Harry session tapes; sessions that bring new questions about her father’s death. Deb takes a drastic action in the end of the episode that impacts her and Dexter considerably. There’s lashing out and then there’s this. Strong emotions and actions from the PTSD Morgan sibling this week. Dexter is on track for a strong swan song – I just hope they stay on this powerfully emotional run.

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