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Dexter S8E03 ‘What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?’ Review

Episode 803


Dexter seamlessly segues into its second solid episode of the season. I’m willing to forgive the shaky season opener if they keep on track. Dexter is doing double duty with the women in his life. Still acting as Dr. Vogel’s hand-crafted hit man and shield, Dexter narrows his search for The Brain Surgeon’s true identity. Sussman’s body was discovered with a gaping hole in the back of its head and the bulk of its contents splattered on the wall. Miami Metro is quick to call it a suicide and close the case. Dr. Vogel continues to receive Hers and His hand-wrapped gifts at her home, an apparent nod to her relationship with Dexter Morgan. It’s up in the air if the killer knows Dexter’s identity. Dr. Vogel continues to have such a seemingly centered persona, making me curious about what secret this woman will share.

Deb’s dwindling hope was the star of the show tonight. Her usual stalwart drive is gone, and it makes this painful to watch. She’s been reduced to a shadow after her role in Maria’s death. Driven to self-medication, her self-loathing erupts in a drunken confession to Quinn. Quinn might be losing his ass with his girlfriend over Deb’s current allure, but he’s been a standup man for Morgan. I’m not sure where this whole Batista/Sergeant this is headed, but I feel like it’s really to serve as a rider to a bigger event. I can’t shake the feeling that Angel is going to die. Happiness is too rare a commodity on this series.

Dexter and Dr. Vogel retrieve Deb after another tip from Quinn. A familiar shot to the neck takes her down before she has time to really ramp up. I find it curious that Dexter handcuffs his sister and leaves her with Dr. Vogel. He shows absolutely no hesitation in thinking Vogel can somehow help his eroding sister. If her character’s demure and concerned act turns out to be a facade, who knows what things might advance the show’s swan song closer. All things considered, I think the show has set up some interesting developments and a truly intriguing final villain, hopefully worthy of the final season. If nothing else tonight, it was good to see Dexter breaking out the plastic sheeting.

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