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Dexter S8E02 ‘Every Silver Lining’ Review



I’ll be damned if Dexter didn’t do a 180° from this time last Sunday. There could be life in this Dr. Vogel thing after all. Tonight explored minor subplots, but stuck to two major points in the second episode of the season. The mysterious Dr. Vogel shares some history with Dexter, history that neither him nor me was expecting. We know that Dr. Vogel worked with Harry to develop the code Dexter lives by – or should be living by. Through some old VHS transfers, we learn a great deal about Harry and Dr. Vogel’s relationship and just how pivotal she was in sculpting Dexter. This is a cool idea and I hope it’s going to culminate properly.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Deb. Continuing her downward spiral, she easily expresses her disdain for her brother and has a line or two that could be viewed as potentially devastating foreshadowing – lets hope not. Deb’s detective skills lead her to the missing jewelry and more than she bargained for. Suddenly the darkly descending Debra finds herself involved in a deadly story arc that not only serves to show how far she’s fallen, but also puts her in grave danger. The show has the potential to intertwine these separate story lines into a riveting finale if they play it right – and that’s a big if.

Unofficially dubbed “The Brain Surgeon”, we learn the identity of the killer only to find out something even darker and more personal happening behind the scenes. Two episodes in and I’m nervous. How do you think this season is going to play out? Will our protagonist live? Will Deb get her act together? Will Doakes come in at the end like a boss??

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