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Three Floyds ‘ Alpha King’ American Pale Ale Beer Review


Brewed by Three Floyds Brewing Co. & Brewpub


Style: American Pale Ale

6.66% ABV

Serve at 40-45°

Availability: Year round

Enjoyed from a snifter

A: Gorgeous clear, copper-orange body with two fingers of frothy, khaki -colored head. Great retention and spider web lacing.

S: Very floral with the amazing hop presence. Grassy, piney, ruby-red grapefruit, citrus, and a smack of malty sweetness seeps out of the hop overload.

T: I let mine get a little past 45° to see if those subtle fruit flavors would appear, and I’m glad I did. Very floral like the smell, but packed with a great hop/malt balance. Citrusy, orange rind, subtle peach or apricot, bitterness that takes hold until the caramel, toasted bread flavors take. A fine showcase for American hop lovers.

M: Medium-bodied, very crisp and smooth, perfect for the style.

O: I got this on tap from the local Liquor Barn and I’m usually first in line every time Alpha King makes his grand presence here in the Bluegrass. This would be my go-to year-round pale ale/IPA if it were available that often. Imo, this is better than 2 Hearted, Founders All Day IPA, and all the other hoppy session beers. FFF rules and this is year-round proof. Excellent ale. Plus this clocks in at an ABV of 6.66% – this really does go to eleven for metal heads.

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