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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ 3 & 4 Get Firm Release Dates


If there was any doubt whether Sony would keep the Spider-Man franchise within its grip, that question was answered today with the announcement of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4 release dates. Jumping in the wake Man of Steel is leaving with its $125 million + opening week revenue, webslinger flicks are guaranteed through 2018, Jeff Blake, Sony’s Chairman of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution said, “Spider-Man is our most important, most successful, and most beloved franchise, so we’re thrilled that we are in a position to lock in these prime release dates over the next five years.”

Amazing Spider-Man 2, directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, and Paul Giamatti, is scheduled for release on May 2nd, 2014.
Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be released on June 10th, 2016.
Amazing Spider-Man 4 will be released on May 4th, 2018.
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5 Comments on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ 3 & 4 Get Firm Release Dates

  1. May 4th is encroaching on Marvels territory, should be an interesting fight 😀

    • It sure is. I still worry about a Batman reboot and what DC character they could possibly use for a feature film while prepping for JLA. I could give a crap about a Flash or Aquaman movie. 😉

      • Haha Aquaman! 😀

        Green Lantern can be done quite well if given to talented hands, not sure it would be wise to have another batman origin story.

        So one more Man of Steel film, then a Green Lantern film probably named The Emerald Knight and then for the first time ever a Superman/Batman film. That’s my prediction 😀

      • lol I saw someone online was confusing their friends, saying Aquaman was riding a dolphin in the oil rig scene in MOS. Triple lol. Imagine a Brave & The Bold movie. Drool.

      • Haha that’d be great 😀

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