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‘True Blood’ S6E1 ‘Who Are You, Really?’ Review


Who are you, really, True Blood? You sure as hell aren’t the fun, clever, trashy show that used to be. You can’t blame such a terrible shift solely on the loss of Ball, this is a whole new kind of terrible. Here’s my spoiler-free review. It’s going to be short because I barely care.

Remember the end of season five, aired on HBO via Dx3 (DirecTV)? Bill was about to consume the blood of Lilith and become Billith. His body exploded and this Terminator 3 version of Bill Compton was reborn. The season opener spent a fair amount of time following Eric, Sookie, Eric’s sister, Nora, and Jessica as they fled Billith’s just-woke-up wrath. In the end, Bill relies on the one person that will have him and caveats are issued to those remaining. I’m sick of Bill and they’ve struggled with what to do with him since the second season if you ask me.

Eric isn’t having much luck with Sookie, and this pair have an interesting interpersonal understanding. I’m as sick of Sookie as I am Bill. This fairy thing has gone cold fast, and she remains intertwined in the most dire of circumstance every season. Her former awful choices have taught her nothing. Some new anti-vamp laws have just dropped along with another government order that sets the vamps back. Pam is at the end of her rope with Eric less than thrilled with her now.

Some other stuff happened with Sam and Alcide. Sam suffers a shock to the system and Andy has a world of new problems. All things considered, I’m not sure I’m up for a whole season of True Blood reviews if it insists on being so bad, so often.

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  1. what is the song that plays at the end of epsodio?

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