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‘Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’ Official Trailer


I almost didn’t buy a PS3. If not for the overwhelming desire to own a Blu Ray player and my obsessive yearning for Metal Solid 4, I still might not. It hasn’t treated me badly by a long shot, I really just like my 360 a lot more. After E3’s insane revelations, things might be changing dramatically. My first thoughts really are “Fuck you, Microsoft.” I know, it feels weird even thinking it, but here were are. So, uh, go Team PS4 and HOLY SHIT! LOOKING AT THIS TRAILER!

The main character, Raiden, was once feared as the child soldier “Jack the Ripper” on the front lines of the First Liberian Civil War. Now, his combat mastery is channeled through a cyborg body as the strikes from his high-frequency blade slice even massive assault drones in two. Raiden is contracted for VIP protection, military training and other duties by PMSCs (Private Military and Security Companies) in a developing country piecing itself back together after a bloody civil war. Little does he know that the stage is set for a clash with an enigmatic force of countless cyborgs. 2/19 is never going to arrive.

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