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‘Virgin Witch’ Movie Review


Directed by Ray Austin

Written by Hazel Adair

Starring: Ann Michelle, Vicki Michelle, Keith Buckley

Two beautiful country sisters, Christine (Anne Michelle) and Betty (Vicki Michelle), travel to London to try to break into the modeling business. However, they soon discover that the agency they’ve joined is actually a coven of witches that participates in human sacrifice.

Sexploitation on a grand level. If you’re disgusted by films of this nature – you will want to miss this one. When you watch the crazy amount of movies like I do, you’re bound to find films with as much nudity as dialogue. Some people hate them based on the exploitation of pretty young girls, claiming it sets a terrible example and precedent. Maybe it does, but we’re all adults here and these films are frequent and popular in the horror drama. Boobs + Satan = a potential horror success. If this film was a drinking game, you’d have alcohol poisoning by the second act.

A beautiful and determined young girl, Christine, gets a new gig with a modeling agency, and it becomes obvious that the agency has a shrouded agenda. Christine is given an opportunity to travel to the British countryside for the weekend, excited for the paying modeling job, she’s very enthusiastic in her work. It takes all of three photos before the panties start coming off. (The first frame of this film was nude scene, so there you go) Her photographer falls in love with her before the first shoot is over, setting up some trauma and conflict for later. Everyone at the opulent country home is in the coven and they have big Satanic plans for Christine. Don’t they always?

Virgin Witch is unusually ambitious for a tits flick, employing nice camerawork and distinct horror skill. I wouldn’t call this scary, but there is a cool psychological edge to enjoy. The Satanic angle is well-played, and doesn’t get cheesy; a mistake a lot of films of this era was guilty off. The color red is everywhere, both stimulating to the senses and a great visual backdrop to the occult sensibilities this employs. There’s a lot of robes, candles, daggers, boobs, and eccentric characters as there should be. The sisters are very attractive and do their part for the movie from beginning to end. Creepy organ music and atonal piano parts made the score very seductive and tense. I’m surprised I’d never heard of this. To be honest, the only reason it caught my eye was because of this.

opeth - virgin witch

I got the Opeth shirt at their show in May and loved the design. Very retro. A few days ago I saw the cover of Virgin Witch on Netflix and instantly made the connection. Thanks, Opeth.

Virgin Witch is a pretty good time. I loved all the early 70’s retro fashion and filming techniques. I dare say this is good enough to get it on Blu Ray and add it to the collection.

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  1. Looks pretty cool. Will have to check it out.

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