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North Coast Brewing Co. ‘Class Of ’88 Barleywine Style Ale’ Beer Review

north coast class of 88

Brewed by North Coast Brewing Co.


Style: American Barleywine

10.0% ABV

Serve at 50-55°

Availability: Brewed once

Enjoyed from a snifter

A: Pours a clear, pale orange with two fingers of foamy white head. Sticky with great retention. Very uncharacteristic of modern barleywine.

S: Weird. Very bright hops and lots of fruits. Apricot and peach as well as a little candied cherries up front. Piney and grassy notes hide the booze presence.

T: Very nice. It took me a moment to acclimate to this style of barleywine. The first wave was a piney, peppery, hoppy blast that tickles the tongue and throat. I get a little peach and apricot notes mixed in with a potent grain flavor. Light malts finish this crisp ale out..

M: Medium-bodied, very dry and crisp. The spiciness really lingers in the throat.

O: This isn’t what I was expecting at all. Starting with the pour, this felt more like a DIPA of sorts than a barleywine. The color and flavor were very reserved in comparison to a Bell’s Third Coast Ale or something of that style. The reserved flavors weren’t reserved at all, just mellow when compared to contemporary barleywines. Nice, solid brew – sad to see it only happen once.

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