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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Baroness ‘Steel That Sleeps the Eye/Swollen & Halo’


Thank God. I’ll be in Cincinnati tomorrow night for my second Baroness show. The banged up Georgians are playing at The Taft Theater on 6/12 and I couldn’t be more excited. I saw them open for Mastodon back in 2010. I wasn’t familiar with them, hadn’t heard a note of their music. They jammed all of two minutes before I knew there was something special about them. If you’re a discerning metal head, you know how picky we are. When a band grabs my attention this quickly, I know it’s going to be an effortless process to devour their entire discography. Baroness started dominating my iPod and they haven’t quit. The release of Yellow & Green further cemented their rightful spot in my top ten list. Many fans panned the album for not being metal enough. Despite Mikey Metaldick’s opinion, I love this double record and can’t fluff it enough. Baroness make beautiful music, and that’s the angle I’m interested in. Check back Thursday or Friday for a complete review of the show.

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