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‘Satan’s School for Girls’ Television Movie Review


Directed by David Lowell Rich

Written by Arthur A. Ross

Starring: Pamela Franklin, Kate Jackson, and Lloyd Bochner

A young woman investigating her sister’s suicide at a private girls’ school finds herself battling a satanic cult.


Oh, 1973, you were a good one. The 70’s were awesome for churning out questionable made-for-television horror movies. This is already better than most since it features a young Cheryl Ladd and Kate Jackson – pre-Charlie’s Angels btw. As far as movies of this nature go, Satan’s School for Girls, is one of the more entertaining demonic offerings. Aaron Spelling’s horror knock off provides a decent plot and acting. A girl loses her sister and begins a search for her murderer after she refuses to accept the death as a suicide. Of course, her journey of truth leads her to Salem Academy, and the terror slowly begins.

I missed this as a kid, a little before my time, but thanks to services like Amazon VOD, these are available 24/7. The quality sucks – telefilm is grainy with a lot of black spots  and lines running through the duration. I know, no one thought to take better care of Satan’s School for Girls? Atrocious! More nostalgic and brimming with camp value than anything else, the movie gets it right from time to time, delivering fantastic scenes of dark hallways being explored, thunderstorms, and oil lamps. The atmospheric angle is really quite good, despite the inherent cheesy nature. For $2.99 you can enjoy this old school telefilm in its original glory.


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