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‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ Official Trailer

Rose Byrne

Insidious and James Wan are back for another round of atmospheric horror trauma. The first one was a pleasant surprise to me, regardless of a lot of my horror nerd friends not caring for it. I dug it. It was just a nice, old-fashioned haunting flick and I can totally appreciate that. Chapter 2 is ready to seep in our collective unconsciousness. Chapter 2 is due in theaters 9/13. Check out the brand new trailer. Maybe Wan’s personal brush with the unnatural will seep into this highly anticipated film. Both Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson are back!

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4 Comments on ‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ Official Trailer

  1. Loved the first one for what they did with the little they had. Looking forward to this one too.

  2. Honestly friday the 13th…Your not jason!

    Could be good, soon see 😀

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