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Dick Moves: Magic Hat Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Lexington’s West Sixth Brewing Co.



Magic Hat claims these two logos look nearly identical. Like lawsuit identical.



Did you carefully scan the images? Clearly, they’re indistinguishable. Magic Hat thinks so. The Cerveceria Costa Rica owned brewery, originally from Vermont, the vagina of all things heady, thinks the dastardly West Sixth Brewing Company is illegally profiting due to their logo.

Cash grab? Butt hurt? Corporate bullying? You decide. Attached is the link for the West Sixth Brewing Co. Take a look at their case first.

  • Our logos were professionally designed by a designer in Lexington called Cricket Press who has a long history of fantastic and creative logo designs.
  • Their federal trademark is simply for the text “# 9”, and our logo contains neither a “#” nor a “9”. (our favorite part of their argument is where they call a 6 an “inverted 9”.  Yeah, and did you know that a “p” is just an inverted “d”? They’re totally the same letter!)
  • Finally, our logo includes the words “West Sixth Brewing”.  We think that makes it pretty clear.

We all know Magic Hat is nothing close to real craft beer, while West Sixth are the clear king in Lexington’s craft brewery renaissance. Lexingtonians – get over to West Sixth and support these friends to the Bluegrass. Sign the petition and send a message to these corporate assholes that we won’t allow big business bullying. Here’s the link.

If you do nothing else, keep supporting the real craft beer breweries, the ones buying local, the ones taking time and appreciation for the art, the ones that care what goes in their beer: ingredients and honesty.

Here’s my review for the local favorite: West Sixth IPA

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