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‘Triangle’ Movie Review: WTF on the High Seas


Written & Directed by Christopher Smith

Starring: Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon and oshua McIvor

Murder strikes the Bermuda Triangle in this gripping high-seas horror starring Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth and Rachael Carpani. Jess encounters the first of many bad omens when her car kills a seagull near the local harbor. Later that night, her yacht hits a storm, forcing her and her friends to board a mysterious deserted ship. The clock on the ship has stopped — and so has any sense of safety.

Somewhere between the Lost episode titled “The Constant” and a film called, Memento, is the grossly under-reviewed film, Triangle. If you feel like you’re going crazy while you watch it – I promise it’s all good and an integral function of these eerily repeated scenes. The set up is pretty straightforward: a group of friends go out on a yacht for a day of fun at sea. An unexplainable storm passes over them, a potentially prophetic seabird dies, and then the film really gets weird. The group is forced to board a large ship after their boat topples. Once they board the ship, it seems to be completely deserted. Or is it?

That’s literally all I can tell you without stepping into spoiler zones. The film is beautifully shot. The bright ocean setting provides some nice juxtaposition for the high seas horror that keeps unfolding. The suspense is riveting at times, punctuated greatly by Melissa George, who clearly makes strides through her Groundhog’s Day of sorts. Top notch horror/suspense/mildly sci-fi film. I was glad to get the suggestion. Give it a shot.

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3 Comments on ‘Triangle’ Movie Review: WTF on the High Seas

  1. I’ve watched this one a couple of times and I agree that it is pretty good. I love Bermuda Triangle movies, but most of them border on cheesy, but this one was twisty.

  2. Hmm looks good 😀

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