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Bates Motel S1E7 ‘The Man in Number 9’ Review



After an unbelievable turn of events, the Bates find their free pass in the form of the Sheriff who instructs the damaged family on just “how” his deputy died. Facing shame and a litany of questions, the case closes up tight as a clam. What about Dylan’s wound? Oh, he was caught in the middle. Norma’s mood quickly improves, even making attempts to take care of Dylan to some degree. One hot breakfast doesn’t exactly make up for years of lunatic behavior, and we all see the limitations of this relationship.

Speaking of, Norman spends a lot of time trying to figure women out in tonight’s episode. Bradley seems distant and uninterested after her night of love-making with Norman. Even with Emma showing up on his doorstep, his desire for what’s he’s had, but can’t have, leaves Emma feeling jilted. Even Norma can’t resist the chance to take Emma under her wing and offer her a part-time job. Is Norma trying her best to pick Emma as the girl for Norman? Does her creepy motherly love get a voice in her hormonally challenged son’s romantic life? The controlling matriarch certainly thinks she knows what’s best, something the adult Norman Bates struggled (duh) with all those years later. Norman knocks on Bradley’s door, insisting that they finally talk about what happened between them. Jilted, he leaves, and she follows. His self-narrative proves to be one of the most telling moments for his developing character. Eerie and effective.

This leaves the man in room number nine, a perceived person of mystery who makes Norma a financially promising offer, taking a huge weight off her new business owner shoulders. If you saw next week’s preview, you know the drama starts quickly.The Bates move quickly from one problem to the next. Self-created or not, they have a proclivity for it.

The end of the episode is both sad and helpful, revealing the cracks developing within Norman’s fragile psyche. Bates Motel might be the best new show you’re not watching.

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