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‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Comic Review – Mark Millar Widens the Generation Gap


Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: Frank Quitely
Published by: Image Comics
Released: April 24th, 2013


I think everyone worries they won’t live up to their parents expectations, but it’s compounded if your mom or dad wears a cape or has super hearing. Millar is back again, this time it’s with a depression era group of superheroes that burst into existence after successfully finding a mysterious island in Morocco. The idealistic group claim no political agenda or hidden motives; they simply want to step up for America and empower as they go. Juxtaposed against their aging fathers of the ultra-heroic “greatest generation” is the first generation of super-powered kids to be born into this life. More content to secure endorsements (and drugs) than public safety and inherent responsibility, this group struggles for their own place in a very accurate model of our political climate.


As usual, Millar is on the right track, using this first issue to set some sense of origin and prime the proverbial comic pump. The time spent explaining the original heroes was sparse, so the characters feel a little thin, but I’m confident the pale spots will grow more colorful. If anything works on a perfect level, it’s the stunning art of Quitely. Even the most mundane of panels spring to live in Quitely’s hands, impressing a sense of grandeur and functionality unique to his approach. It’s solid A-, so get it before it’s the next big thing.


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