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Bates Motel S1E6 ‘The Truth’ Review


Bates Motel is in full mid-season swing, kids. How many seasons can they keep this up until it’s time for an adult version of Norman Bates to cheerfully greet hotel guests is anyone’s guess. Last night’s episode ‘The Truth’ was a telling title. As I mentioned before, I’m not writing these Bates Motel recaps, giving you a play by-play, but rather reviewing the performances and story arcs in a generic fashion – hoping you’ll feel inclined to watch.

Manipulation. Norman can’t get away from it. Dylan’s guilty of it, Norma might have helped invent it with Lucifer himself; either way, Norman is getting it from all fronts. Last week we saw Norma begin (continue to..) to fall apart after the girl in Zack’s basement received relative safety and rest at the Bates Motel. Norman, despite his influence and ingrained sensibilities, is a kind soul – and the things we’re learning now is making me want to re-watch Psycho so badly, but I’ll hold off until the series ends. God only knows what ammo the show plans on unloading between now and the end.

“The Truth” sussed out more of the family trinity and some of the actions of the characters as they’re alone and doing their thing. Dylan receives a hearty pat on the back after his boss, the shady pot grow operation guy, when he learns of how Dylan choose to handle the murderous situation last week. Armed not only with a gun, but now with trust as well. I can easily see his inner longings to be a good person coming to a head with his new position. Dylan seems to love his brother and wants what’s best for him, and that’s clearly being out of Norma’s controlling grasp. After a bit of brotherly work, Dylan seems to convince Norman to move in with him. When they arrive at the hotel, things have trumped their heart to heart with Norma.

Last week we were treated to Norma losing her shit in front of both Norman and the innocent and unsuspecting Emma. Last night continued on that path with an effing crazy scene involving Norman diving into Norma’s moving car until he eventually tosses her car keys out the window. Stunned, Emma is literally speechless. As all great dramas do, we haven’t had time to process this trauma before the next wave rolls across the Bates’ life. Horny Zack shows up, begging Norma for a little time alone in the hotel. Zack has no clue his sex slave is showering in relative comfort a few feet away from him, but we sure did. It was painful to watch him try to kiss around on Norma’s neck, pressing her for some hotel lovin’. The way she squirmed around under his kisses gave me the willies. Something so simple, but an actress like Vera Farmiga makes it that much more enjoyable and unsettling. Finally, after she’s left with no other options, she takes him to a room and it begins. When he hears running water, Norma’s along with my anxiety skyrocketed. Gun drawn, he creeps to the occupied room. Imagine the horror when his former victim is standing in the door when she opens it. A foot chase and shoot out ensues, showcasing the determined nature of Dylan and just how much this fragmented “family” really are.

If you want to know why the episode is called “The Truth“, watch it yourself and be prepared to find out exactly how Norman’s father died. This show gets better every week and I’m sucked in. Bates Motel airs Monday’s at 10pm EST on A & E.

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