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Hemlock Grove S1E1 Review ‘Jellyfish in the Sky’


Eli Roth has delivered 13 new episodes of the Netflix original series, Hemlock Grove, to our televisions and tablets; something horror fans were really excited about. After watching the pilot episode, I’m not sure where my former excitement stands. The set up sounds simple, or at the very least – done to death. A couple of gypsies move to Hemlock Grove, PA., a fate worse than death from what I’ve seen so far. Before the cinder blocks start to pile up under the new (new to them) trailer, a 17-year-old high school girl is savagely killed in a local park. Taylor and Landon Liboiron, our mysterious gypsies, are already looked upon unfavorably by the town in general. Heads turn and scowls tighten at the mere mention of the name Liboiron – and no, we don’t know why. The town’s attitude is trash begets trash I suppose. Within no time, the watchful and judging eyes of the local police fall upon the new gypsy residents. Should we be worried that they killed the girl? Who the hell are all these characters? And why is everything so schlocky and agitated? I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Thus far with its weird Frankenstein monster (the bulging eye did creep me out), a venomous matriarchal portrayed by Famke Janssen, and a litany of oddball characters that run the gamut between arrogant, creepy, ostentatious, and downright stupid, my only hope is that the show suffered from a false start and has the horror goods on deck. Right now, my lingering impression is something born of Glee and something SYFY churned out. Don’t screw us, Eli Roth, I’ve given this show far too much coverage to have it suck.

I should add that while I appreciate the gore, swearing, and nudity – let’s not make that the show’s foundation. You’re work is cut out for you just being a straight-to-Netflix series.

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