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‘Deep South Paranormal’: As Crappy as it Sounds


Amidst the rusted out tractors and long-dead cars, sets a lone chicken coop surrounded by a few good ‘ol boys. You see, before this team of Cajun ghost hunters can get to the investigation site, old Hart Fortenberg “The Godfather“, has to retrieve a lucky rooster feather to help protect the group from evil spirits. Somewhere in Nevada Zak Bagans is laughing his ass off. Finally, rednecks have a show that combines their love of playing guitar around the campfire and Mel Meters.

Yeah, nothing about that sentence made sense.

This rough and tumble group of jovial Southerners take on local mysteries that have stumped the townies for years. Decked out with the standard of ghost hunting equipment, the group meanders through the haunted derelict buildings and grounds, cracking country idioms under a familiar night vision green. Hey, don’t get me wrong; I just had a Gator Po Boy from a local BBQ joint and I enjoy the paranormal shows, this is just a carbon copy cash grab. If you like hicks and spectres – well, welcome home. Deep South Paranormal airs Wednesdays at 10pm EST on SYFY. Remember, Squidbillies is a different show.

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1 Comment on ‘Deep South Paranormal’: As Crappy as it Sounds

  1. This show sucks. Syfy should bring back fact or faked. Who made the decision to replace fact or faked with this garbage? Are you kidding me? F— for deep south paranormal.

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