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New Guitar Day: The PRS Mikael Akerfedlt Model

2013-04-17 001 2013-04-17 009

Yes, for the first time since 2003, I got a new guitar. I did the typical anal-retentive guitarist stuff. I googled incessantly. I went to local guitar shops and methodically sorted though my options. After much searching, one Lexington shop had what I wanted – the PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt Signature model. First of all, huge metal fan, secondly, MASSIVE Opeth fan. I was concerned the gold Opeth logo might be a little ostentatious, but it’s subtle against the rusty-brown maple top. Lets look at the specs:

  • Extra-thick single cutaway mahogany body
  • Maple top with flamed maple veneer
  • Maple neck with 24 fret ebony fingerboard
  • Original PRS bird inlays
  • PRS designed tremolo & non-locking tuners
  • Gold hardware
  • PRS HFS & Vintage bass humbucking pickups
  • Volume & tone control with 3-way toggle switch
  • “Opeth” logo on top

So, far I love the overall feel and sound of the guitar and can’t find any shortcomings thus far. It sounds beautiful clean with a little chorus and delay, and sounds equally crushing with the gain turned up to 10 on my Marshall. If anything pisses me off, it’s that I didn’t get it sooner. I’ve always wanted a PRS and Akerfeldt having a signature model just sold the deal. I feel on the hook to learn a shit ton of technically challenging Opeth songs. Enjoy the pics.

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1 Comment on New Guitar Day: The PRS Mikael Akerfedlt Model

  1. Beautiful guitar. I am a minor Opeth fan, but I think only because I have only heard one of their albums. I do like it a lot, and would definitely like to check out more. But the guitar – wowsers!

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