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New ‘Dexter’ Promo Promises a Lame Season 8


I’m not sure what happened to the once brilliant Dexter, but last season was just another reminder that the show is a ghost of its former self. I’ve grown so tired of Dexter’s wordy, soul-searching inner-dialogue. Season four is obviously the crown jewel of the series and there’s no way to top that – still, these last few seasons have sucked. Showtime needs to wrap up this cash grab with a semblance of clarity and justice…both key elements missing from this lame teaser. Dexter has the opportunity to suck earlier this year since it kicks off on 6/30. I’ll be watching with a gloomy disposition and itchy remote finger.

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2 Comments on New ‘Dexter’ Promo Promises a Lame Season 8

  1. They totally chickened out last season and so season 8 will be lame!

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