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‘The Legend of Luther Strode’ Issue # 4 Comic Review


After a brief slowdown in the last issue, pausing long enough to explain some of Luther’s history and connection to Binder, the newest issue is back to its blood-soaked self. Jack joins the brawl and there’s carnage on every page. The confident, but green Strode takes a beating from Jack before engaging his own reckless abandon and showing the ghoul that he has some style and grace hidden within muscle fiber and bulk. Petra has her own “oh shit” moment when she finds out Binder is actually trying to help Luther. In the end, the battle seems for naught, and no clear victor is declared. That doesn’t mean the torrents of red spraying from every panel wasn’t a total blast – because it was.

Jordan has crafted a mesmerizing book that adds an element of humanity and warmth to something akin to taking crystal meth at a MMA fight sponsored by SLAYER. I preached this throughout all six issues last year – Luther is one of the most humble and coolest comic characters to arrive in years. He’s warm, you can relate to him and his life, and he’s the consummate bad ass. While it stings to see our hero getting his ass served up, it only enriches the arc and preps us for more devastation and hopeful resolution. I can only imagine the merciless and personal bloodshed Jordan has in store for the next two issues.


This brand of carnage wouldn’t be what it is without Tradd Moore stamping his signature stylistic trauma to the page. He uses the color red like a beacon, refocusing our eyes within the darkly hued panels – forcing at least myself to go back and soak in the amazing detail that stitches the visual aspect together. Colorist, Felipe Sobreiro has found his jam in Luther Strode. Sometimes the perfect of conditions arise and the result is a sleeper hit like Luther Strode going full-on nuclear. If you’re not reading this wonderful action/horror title, I urge you to go back to the start. Bravo, Image Comics, for giving us what we want.

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