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Bates Motel ‘Nice Town You Picked, Norma’ S1E2 Review


Things are moving quickly over at A & E‘s new hit, Bates Motel. After the arrival of Norman’s half-brother, Dylan, the delicate Bates vibe got decidedly darker. It looks like the sleepy town of White Pine Bay is part of the dark mystery leading to the events of Psycho. I don’t care to admit it, but this show has riveted me to my television, and it only just occurred to me that this series serves as an origin story for one of the best horror films of all time. The characters are so dynamic, so riddled with human trauma, that you can forget this is leading to something larger than just season two.

Is the bad boy brother, Dylan, really a bad guy or does he just have Norma’s number? (He does – it’s listed as “The Whore” in his iPhone) When Norman and his mother pulled up stakes and moved to sunny California, they left more than their home and history behind; they also left Dylan as well. Finding them has been a little challenging the brooding kid states. You want to peg Dylan as the bad guy. He even throws himself into the role; drinking, hanging at strip clubs and signing up with local crooks as a gunman of sorts. I’m not sure I buy it. It seems too obvious that he’s not some angry criminal.

Norman is finding favor in the new town. Although his morning starts on a devastating note – he witnesses a car crash on his way to school and finds a badly burned man behind the wheel: the father of his crush, seventeen year old, Bradley Kenner. Bad news for Norman as she had just officially asked him to do some solo studying together. Well, of course, it was much worse news for Mr. Kenner, just saying that cancelling a “date” sucks when you’re that age.

Norman and Dylan really hate each other. Obviously equipped to push each others buttons, their verbal barbs quickly become physical. Norman loses his mind over Dylan’s repeated motherly whore accusations. Norma isn’t very friendly with her other son either, but the two seem to have an understanding. When Norma mentions her former husband was well-insured, the guile in the room is palpable. The two seem to have an understanding of some kind. No one wants to make a bold first move just yet.

As mentioned, this is a review and not a recap – I’m not going to explain all the hidden nooks and illegal grow-ops every week, so you’ll have to find out on your own. I will say that Norman’s creepy visual diary plays a big part in tonight’s episode. He spends some time with the cute Cystic Fibrosis sufferer, Jenna, you know; the really cute girl with an oxygen tube up her nose. Five bucks says she has a sexy moment with Norman and pulls out her oxygen tube sensually, giving Norman a chance to notice her hotness.
Norman is my favorite thus far and clearly a kid we can all feel for. I’ m anxious and nervous to watch the series flesh out the lingering creepiness between mother and son.

Anyone willing to devote a mere hour to this show can easily see the beginning of Norman’s downward spiral. What a mom.

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