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The Walking Dead S3E15 ‘This Sorrowful Life’ Recap


Rick and the others learn that if they want a truce with the Governor, they must make a sacrifice.


So, long, Merle, your brother will never know about your shimmering moment of redemption before he had to kill you. Dead at the hands of the Governor, no pun intended, Merle Dixon is dead. Not just shot in the head and done, no, the Gov shoots Merle in the chest so his change is guaranteed. Lost on his road to redemption, his younger brother, Daryl, had to kill him the time it counted. And what a killing it was. Daryl unleashed his burning fury beneath tears, tears that will no doubt lubricate the murder machine he has on deck for Phillip. The closer we get to the end, the more everyone has to lose. It would also seem the prison survivors all have a personal axe to grind with Phillip now. One week out from the finale, and the focus on both sides has ramped up to critical mass. If anyone should feel bad tonight, it’s Maggie. All but officially proposed to, Glenn lets Hershel know his plans, and the old man gave his blessing. In such a dark genre with so much loss, the moments of pure happiness between friends makes the sweet spots that much sweeter. Alas her moment is delayed due to the state of the zombie world. Glenn sure was crafty in finding his engagement ring.

Andrea is trapped in the Gov’s’s torture chair, presumably until the prison group rescues her or she dies there. This late in the game, just about everyone is expendable. The high points of tonight’s episode had to be a toss-up between Rick admitting to the group that he was going to sacrifice Michonne for the good of the group. He declares the Ricktatorship days over and group decisions are in store for the future. On the opposite end of that was Michonne and Merle traveling alone, the rogue slowly and unintentionally winning Michonne over. Wise beyond her years, her mysterious origin still not revealed, she seems to forgive the group for all they’ve done since their paths crossed. What a cool moment to let the monster known as Merle Dixon shine for a moment before he died. For all his shadiness, a warm heart beat beneath his self-serving exterior.

Next week is the money week, the one hour we’ve been so patient to attain. I know Phillip has to die, but who will strike the fatal blow? Where’s Tyreese in all this? Does he shift to Team Rick next week? And what did you make of Lori tonight? She was certainly more casually dressed, but still appears to Rick at the oddest of times. All bets are off next week and I can’t wait to see where the season ends. Kudos to Norman Reedus and Mike Rooker tonight for the dynamic element they bring to these to two polarizing characters.

RIP Merle Dixon.

Start making your death bracket – there are a reported 27 deaths going down next Sunday!

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5 Comments on The Walking Dead S3E15 ‘This Sorrowful Life’ Recap

  1. MERLE!!!

    What I really liked is how he knew he couldn’t go back to any normal life after what he did so he decided to go out doing the only good thing he could do to help. Best death of the season!

    This is how you kill off a popular character 😀

    • Right on! Best possible way for him to go! And it;s lit the little brother fuse in the process.

      • The Governor does not have any friends in the prison camp!

      • Nope. I can see it coming down to him screaming “KILL HIM/HER!!” and the Woodbury group kinda rolling their eyes and acting distracted. Kill em yourself, asshole.

        I really think Tyreese is going to officially jump to Team Rick in the middle of the fight.

      • They have taken the series in a different direction than the comics. The governor might not die! Tyreese is nowhere near joining the prison aside from some small doubts.

        The promo for next week does look like the attack on the prison but ricks group look like they were packing up to leave?

        Not sure. But its going to be interesting!

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