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North Coast Brewing Co. ‘Grand Cru’ Beer Review


Brewed by North Coast Brewing Co.


Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

12.90% ABV

Serve at 50-55°

Availability: Limited – brewed once

Enjoyed from a over-sized wine glass

A: Poured a perfectly clear golden hue with a tiny white head atop. Nice lacing and retention.

S: Nice balance of peach/apricot esters and a yeasty notes. Smells more like a white win than anything else. The agave provides a candied sugar or a rum-like touch.

T: Sweet, biting agave hits first and is followed by an obvious wave of spicy alcohol. The bourbon is low in the mix, but provides a familiar peppery flavor that stings the tongue as it travels south. Very subtle, but the mild molasses and oak notes give balance.

M: Medium-bodied with little carbonation. The alcohol is clearly in control here.

O: In the end I found this enjoyable. I would call it more of a dessert beer than anything; a sipper for sure. The agave provides a unique vibe, but I think the barrel component is mostly a wash. All in all, I wouldn’t mind keeping a bottle of this around.

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