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Hey, kids, just a quick note to thank each and every one of you that comments, sends me stuff in the mail, shares my articles all over the web, and supports me every week. The dreary and slow months of January of February are over and things are getting busy again. As always, if you have something you’d like to see reviewed, just ask – I’m usually happy to. Film makers, directors, producers, etc, feel free to send me media that fits with the Fister Roboto mentality and I’ll slut you around the web as well.

A warm thank you from the beautiful Bluegrass,

Fister “Nate” Roboto





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2 Comments on Thanks from Fister Roboto

  1. Nate, I don’t alway get to comment – but I always get good information or a good laugh from your posts. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into your blog! As a special thank you, I’m donating $5 in your name to the Nickleback Fan Club LOL

    • Thank you, Raymond! I appreciate the kind words. Please donate to:

      Chad Kroeger Memorial Guitar Lesson Fund
      C/O Snow Bank Elementary School
      Ontario Canada T4R D6P

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